Artal Smart Agriculture had an outstanding role in the gala celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Spanish Agricultural Nutrients Manufacturers Association, which on June 7 brought together more than two hundred people at the Reina Sofía Palace of Arts in Valencia.

Artal Smart Agriculture was one of the ten companies that promoted the creation of AEFA, and Francisco Artal Such, became the association’s first president between 1997 and 2003.

Precisely, at the gala these founding companies were honored and the current generation of Artal Smart Agriculture, Francisco and Juan Artal Huerta attended to the event, where Francisco, who is currently part of the Association’s Board of Directors, remembered his father with an anecdote, that of his first meeting with Francisco Ponce, manager of Jisa, “to discuss the idea of ​​creating an association, which would ultimately be AEFA.” When they met, they realized that they already knew each other: they sat in Mestalla, one next to the other. “So close in football and so seemingly far apart in business. But there was one thing that united them: the sentiment of Valencia C.F. and the feeling that the companies in the agrinutrients sector were more united and associated to defend the common interests that they all had and continue to have”.

Speakers at the gala were Esperanza Orellana, General Director of Agricultural Production and Markets of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food; Roger Llanes, Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development; and Juan Pardos, current president of AEFA, now made up of 58 plant nutrition product manufacturing companies based and established in the Spanish market.

In addition to Francisco Artal, the rest of the presidents that AEFA has had since its foundation were remembered and decorated: Alberto Morera (2003-2007), Fernando Feliu (2008-2012), Ricardo Villuendas (2012-2016), Victorino Martínez (2017 -2020) and Juan Pardos (since 2020). “Do you remember what the world was like 25 years ago, in 1997? Do you remember what your companies were like, your jobs? And how was the agricultural sector? The truth is that you have to make a real effort to remember, because what happened in just 25 years does not withstand any comparison, ”said Juan Pardos in his speech to emphasize the transformation of this sector.

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