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Artal Smart Agriculture has become the first company in the world in the development of Plant Immunotherapy products

Artal Smart Agriculture, 2020 Biotechnology Award for the agricultural sector

ARTAL Smart Agriculture has been awarded in the IV edition of the Technology and Innovation Awards of the newspaper La Razón, in the category of Biotechnology for the agricultural sector.

For a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture

Agricultural Biotech company, leader in plant Immunotherapy.

Artal Smart Agriculture since 1895

Agricultural Biotech company leader in Plant Immunotherapy

Artal Smart Agriculture is a 4th generation family business founded in Valencia – Spain in 1895 dedicated to the development, formulation and commercialization of products for a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture and currently present in more than 30 countries.

First Spanish company in the manufacture of liquid fertilizers, immunological activators, physiological inducers and nutritional products.

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Agricultural Biotech company leader in Plant Immunotherapy - ARTAL Smart Agriculture


New range of products developed by ARTAL

As a result of the commitment to agriculture, innovation and research, Artal Smart Agriculture is positioned as a world reference in Immunological Activators based on Priming of defense with its range PRIMTAL “Stress-free technology”.

PRIMTAL increases the response capacity of the immune system of plants in specific stress situations and is fully compatible with the beneficials and the various microorganisms used in the presence of some pests and diseases.

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First immunological activators 'Priming Effect' - ARTAL

ARTAL products’ families

Inmunological Activators Fertilizers - ARTAL Smart Agriculture


PRIMTAL ® Stress-free technology is a range of products developed by ARTAL in joint research with the Jaume I University of Castellón (Spain), based on Priming: activating mechanism of the immune system of plants that does not generate stress: immunological activators.

Physiological Inducers Fertilizers - ARTAL Smart Agriculture


Inducers specially developed to strengthen crops throughout the different growth stages. Two families: amino acids and special inducers, for rooting, flowering and setting, and ripening.

Fertilizers Nutrients Crop and Soil - ARTAL Smart Agriculture

Crop Nutrition

Products that provide the macro and micro nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of plants: soil improvers, deficiency correctors, foliar fertilizers and for specific crops.

Featured Products

PRIMTAL RSImmune Activator PRIMTAL RS - ARTAL Smart Agriculture

Immunological Activator

PRIMTAL RS eis an immunological activator that contains plant-specific metabolites based on “priming” to increase the responsiveness of plants immune system face to specific stresses. It Is compatible with the beneficials used in the presence of various mites.

  • Faster and more intense response.
  • Does not generate resistance in crops.
  • Compatible with biological control.
  • PRIMING Effect – 0.0 Residue.
  • No energy cost for the plant.
  • Organic farming certified.

Complete data sheet here.

PINOPHYTALPINOPHYTAL is a self-defence inducer based in pinophytes and complexed copper


PINOPHYTAL is a self-defence inducer, result of an exhaustive process of development carried out by the Artal Smart Agriculture R+D+I Department, based in pinophytes and complexed copper.

PINOPHYTAL promotes the synthesis of phenolic substances and phytoalexins that are created by the plants to defend themselves against specific stress situations.

  • Does not adversely affect crop development
  • Does not stain or produce phytotoxicity at the recommended doses
  • Completely natural
  • Free of residues

Complete data sheet here.

MICROPONICMICROPONIC is a trace elements complex, with a balanced formula, that keeps a correct nutritional balance

Deficiencies corrector

MICROPONIC is a trace elements complex, with a balanced formula, that keeps a correct nutritional balance avoiding imbalances or correcting trace elements deficiency states. Due to its acid reaction and the properties of its chelating agent, it is quickly absorbed and assimilated by the crop.

MICROPONIC is recommended to provide a proper nutritive balance in crops, increasing their potential, given that the supply of trace elements increases the activation of the enzymatic processes and the energetic metabolism of plants.

It is advisable to apply it during the whole cycle preferably, during sprouting and during the main development stages of the fruit.

Complete data sheet here


Products Catalogue ARTAL Smart Agriculture

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Professionalism, quality and responsibility

Due to the constant innovation, evolution and demands of the different markets, our laboratory is prepared to develop and formulate competitive and quality products in accordance with the demands of Plant Nutrition.

Raw materials are always tested to ensure they are the best for our formulations and, after each formulation, a new quality control is performed.

Our laboratory allows us to study any new formula related to agricultural demands and / or by our partners and collaborators.

Before producing a new product in our manufacturing facility, we have a formulator in scale that plays the same conditions as found in plant to make sure there are no problems in its formulation.


Technical report FOSFITAL Extra

Technical report

FOSFITAL EXTRA is a biostimulant based on potassium phosphite with a dual function on crops: on the one side, it acts as a source of phosphorus and potassium, and on the other, due to the presence of phosphorus in the form of the PHOSPHITE ion, it acts as a stimulant of selfdefense mechanisms of plants againsta …

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NPK Foliar Fertilizers: in-depth analysis of its components and use

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Technical report in which NPK foliar fertilizers and their uses, applications and benefits of their application in crops are treated in depth. Each of the elements has been thoroughly and individually analyzed …

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Ripening biostimulant: DULZEE

Technical report

DULZEE is a biostimulant made from polysaccharides enriched with calcium, magnesium and microelements, in addition to uronic acids that favor the absorption of the product by the crop.

The combination of all its …

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Research R+D+I

Research + Development + Innovation

We believe the best way to investigate, develop and innovate is in collaboration with the different Universities, research centers and with our clients, in addition to carrying out our own tests, as shown by the agreements made with the following Universities:

  • Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain)
  • Polytechnic University of Cartagena (Spain)
  • University of Zaragoza (Spain)
  • University of Córdoba (Spain)
  • Université d’Agadir (Morocco)
  • Jaume I University of Castellón (Spain)

As a result of this work, we were awarded the THANIT prizes in the Region of Murcia with special mention to the technological development in agricultural production.

Some titles of studies and tests carried out:

For more information contact the technical department:

Since 1895 dedicated to development, formulation and marketing of fertilizers for a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture


Since our foundation in 1895, we are dedicated to the formulation, processing and marketing of fertilizers and agrinutrient products. In 1970 we became the first Spanish manufacturer of liquid fertilizers, confirming our commitment to innovation that is already part of our DNA.

Our team always works with the objective of developing products that contribute to the optimization of crops in terms of quality, production and profitability for farmers.

Human team of fertilizer manufacturer company ARTAL Smart Agriculture

Part of our team, at Fruit Attraction 2018

These are high value-added products, which go through an exclusive manufacturing process and a thorough quality control in our laboratory. For greater guarantee, we have the collaboration of universities, research centers and clients in the realization of studies and essays. Not only do we offer our customers and distributors a very competitive product, but we provide a permanent service and technical support.

In the early 90’s we started a new project with the aim of positioning our products in the international market. Today, our brand is already present in more than thirty countries on four continents.


Our founder, Francisco R. Artal del Tormo, installed the first warehouse on Los Toneleros street in Valencia and later his organic fertilizer factory on the outskirts of the city. Following in his footsteps, his son Francisco Artal Villanueva expanded and modernized the factory, also producing compound and organo-mineral fertilizers.

Francisco Artal del Tormo
Francisco Artal del Tormo

Francisco Artal Villanueva
Francisco Artal Villanueva

Francisco Artal Such
Francisco Artal Such

Already in 1986, the founder’s grandson, Francisco R. Artal Such, built the current facilities at the Fuente del Jarro Industrial Estate in Paterna (Valencia), where the fourth generation of the Artal family was led by Francisco and Juan Artal Huerta, continues the work started by his great grandfather, innovating and evolving in the face of the current needs of the sector and developing the international expansion of Artal products, positioning ARTAL Smart Agriculture as a leading biotechnology company in the agricultural sector.

Francisco y Juan Artal Huerta, 4rd Generation ARTAL Smart Agriculture - Valencia, Spain

Francisco y Juan Artal Huerta

For a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture


Artal products cover every need::

SOIL nutrition
PLANTS nutrition

Artal offers more than just a range of products , it offers a SERVICE making the farmers feel the physiological needs of their crops are CARED.

Centennial company

We are proud to continue with the work started by our FAMILY back in 1895

A company becomes centennial for having known how to read the times lived by each generation. That’s because we have accomplished the EXPECTATIONS that our clients deposited over us, becoming the preferred partner of many farmers.

Many years and many PERSONAL STORIES shape Artal.


Artal RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT and INNOVATION department develops absolutely exclusive products in joint collaboration with UNIVERSITIES, RESEARCH CENTERS and PRODUCERS: for a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture.

We are present in SPAIN and in 30 countries between EUROPE, AFRICA, ASIA and AMERICA

Villa de Madrid 14. Pol. Ind. Fuente del Jarro, 46988 PATERNA, Valencia (Spain)

Phone +34 96 134 03 65 · Fax: + 34 96 134 07 05 · Email

CIF: B-46215851


PRIMTAL ® Stress-free technology “Priming effect”.

Inmunological Activators Fertilizers - ARTAL Smart Agriculture


Biostimulants for production, flowering, fruit setting, rooting, ripening, self-defense.

Physiological Inducers Fertilizers - ARTAL Smart Agriculture


Soil improvers, deficiencies correctors,
foliar fertilizers, specific.

Fertilizers Nutrients Crop and Soil - ARTAL Smart Agriculture

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