ARTAL Smart Agriculture has decided to take a series of measures in accordance with the security regulations decreed by the Government of Spain to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and, in addition, to guarantee the supply of products to its national and foreign clients.

This way, the commercial team works from home, avoiding face-to-face meetings while the alarm status continues, but attending to all telephone or email inquiries. In addition, a shift system in the laboratory has been adopted to totally reduce contact between workers.

In the factory, intensive working hours have been established to ensure that production does not stop while making it easier for workers to spend more time at home. Lastly, logistics continues to work to deliver the products to all customers, although with the necessary measures of protection to avoid the risk of contagion.

Like the rest of the companies in the sector, ARTAL Smart Agriculture provides essential products for agri-food production, the first link in the chain in order to guarantee a basic food supply in the current circumstances. Although the situation is critical and can be modified according to the evolution of the pandemic, failing to provide these solutions to farmers would jeopardize the viability of current crops, so it is essential to guarantee freedom of fertilizer products transit and the opening of the necessary structures to maintain the distribution system for these products.

In addition, in the year of its 125th anniversary, ARTAL Smart Agriculture, a company that has survived to wars, turbulent periods, natural catastrophes and numerous economic crises, wants to send a message of optimism, convinced that the country, and the entire world, will emerge from this crisis, as it has repeatedly done in much worse situations.

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