The new royal decree-law approved by the Government to temporarily reinforce the limitations of the movement of people with the aim of containing Covid-19, does not affect the activity of ARTAL Smart Agriculture, since it is considered essential for the agriculture, according to the rule that has just entered into force.

In its annex, it is indicated that the closure of some activities is not applicable to workers in agriculture, livestock, aquaculture, fishing and the food industry, as well as to the activities essential to ensure its operation. These include the manufacture of agrochemicals such as fertilizers and biostimulants.

Therefore, as the new royal decree establishes, “the activity of agri-food companies as a whole must be maintained, including agricultural, livestock, aquaculture and fishing activities, but also that of companies that, in turn, provide them with the necessary supplies and services for their operation, thus resulting essential at this time. ”

Accordingly, ARTAL Smart Agriculture continues to manufacture immunological activators, physiological inducers and nutritional products to continue offering high added value solutions for a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture, guaranteeing the supply of products to its national and foreign clients and maintaining the already adopted security measures decreed by the Government of Spain to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

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