ARTAL Smart Agriculture participated in the Phytoma-Spain International Meeting Plant health in tomato cultivation: from current risks to new threats, which was held on December 11th and 12th at the Auditorium and Congress Palace Infanta Doña Elena in Águilas (Murcia). Half a thousand professionals met in this Murcia town to learn about the most effective management strategies and solutions against pests and diseases of this vegetable, the most cultivated in the world and with the greatest economic value.

Juan A. Artal, general manager of the company founded in 1895, presented the range of immunological activators PRIMTAL “Stress – Free Technology”, a set of solutions based on ‘priming effect’, which stimulates the immune system of plants, conditioning them to respond more quickly and efficiently to different stressors.

These products contain specific metabolites that are part of the secondary metabolism involved in the immune system of plants. PRIMTAL “Stress – Free Technology”, activates different defense pathways at the same time, hinders the emergence of resistances, does not generate stress, is compatible with biological control, is certified for organic farming and is 0.0 Residues: zero residues, zero days of pre-harvest interval.

The range consists of three nutritional solutions compatible with the beneficials used in the presence of sucking insects (PRIMTAL WF) or of various mites (PRIMTAL RS) and compatible with microorganisms in the presence of different fungi (PRIMTAL FG).

Since its market launch, in June 2018, PRIMTAL is reaping great success in many countries. It recently received the Technical Excellence Award at the Four Oaks fair, the most important contest in the United Kingdom horticultural sector.

In the international symposium Juan Artal explained that behind the development of these immunological activators there are eight years of efforts and research in close collaboration with the UJI of Castellón. Behind PRIMTAL, “there is no magic, but science”.

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