PRIMTAL- Stress-Free Technology, the range of immunological activators of ARTAL Smart Agriculture, has received the award for Technical Excellence at the Four Oaks fair, the most important event for the horticultural sector in the United Kingdom. The PRIMTAL range, from the Valencian company founded in 1895, and dedicated to the formulation, elaboration and commercialization of fertilizers and products for a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture, was present in the contest of the hand of the company XL Horticulture, distributor in the United Kingdom, and won the highest prize in the contest. The PRIMTAL products have been developed in a joint research project with the Jaime I University (UJI) of Castellón and were officially presented to the market at an event held June 2018 in Valencia. Its operation is based on the “priming effect ’, which stimulates the immune system of plants, conditioning them to respond more quickly and efficiently to different stresses. PRIMTAL manages to activate the defenses horizontally, so that the plant reacts quickly to the challenge that is present. Therefore, it does not involve a single defense route, but many, of several components and even at the same time, with the addition that it is only activated in the presence of stress. The range consists of three nutritional solutions compatible with the beneficials and microorganisms used in the presence of sucking insects (PRIMTAL WF), various mites (PRIMTAL RS) and different fungi (PRIMTAL FG). They are therefore products compatible with biological control methods and are certified for use in organic farming, which guarantees that they are respectful of the preservation of the environment and totally safe for the health of human beings. Juan Artal, CEO of ARTAL Smart Agriculture, affirms that the company is committed to “safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture. What we do is the fruit of good work from generation to generation. ” Four Oaks, which next year celebrates its 50th anniversary, is organized in the town of Chesire, in a nursery that covers an area of ​​17,000 m².
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