Artal Smart Agriculture has presented at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía its new products range PRIMTAL – Stress-Free Technology, developed in collaboration with the research team of Dr. Victor Flors of the Jaume I University of Castellón. The event was attended by about two hundred people, including representatives of companies from fifteen countries, to see first-hand the benefits of these revolutionary products for the agricultural market.

The new Artal range is based on the ‘priming effect’, activating mechanism of the immune system of plants that does not generate stress. To face the current trend in which elements harmful to the environment, but essential for the survival of the agricultural production system, are being eliminated, Artal has developed a solution, compatible with biological control and organic farming certified, which preserves the health of the crop in a way compatible with the environment and with the health of human beings.

The research project that has concluded in PRIMTAL – Stress-Free Technology, comes from the use of induced resistance against pests and pathogens, the so called ”defense priming”. By means of this technique, the immune system of plants is stimulated, so then they are conditioned to respond in a faster and more efficient way to different stress factors, as explained by Víctor Flors in the presentation. The main lines of research of the director of the ‘Metabolic Integration and Cell Signaling’ research group of the UJI, focus on the plants immune system and interaction with the plant environment; and the metabolism of nitrogen in plants under conditions of biotic stress.

With this technique a defenses horizontal activation is achieved, and therefore the plant reacts quickly to the challenge that is present. Thus, not a single defense path is involved but many, of several components and even at the same time; in addition, only the presence of stress triggers it.

The range consists of three nutritional solutions compatible with the useful fauna for the control of sucking insects (PRIMTAL WF), of various mites (PRIMTAL RS); and compatible with microorganisms for the control of different fungi (PRIMTAL FG). As ARTAL General Manager, Juan Artal, has indicated during the presentation, “at Artal we believe in safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture. What we do is the fruit of a good labor generation after generation, and this is not a matter of magic, it is science”

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