Artal Smart Agriculture held, from May 24 to 26, a technical conference in Beirut (Lebanon) to present the main solutions of the biotech company to its customers in the Middle East.

The conference, held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the Lebanese capital, was attended by clients from Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Egypt, in addition to the Artal Smart Agriculture delegate in the area, Mouayyad Fahmawi. The Middle East is a strategic region in the company’s internationalization process and where, together with Northern Africa, it concentrates the largest number of markets.

Alessandro Rienzo, from the Artal Smart Agriculture R&D Department, was in charge of giving the lectures, which focused on the company’s most innovative research, which have given rise to impressive solutions for agriculture: physiological inducers and their importance in rooting development (ENRAIZAL) or flowering and fruit setting (SUPER SET), the improvement of maturation with MOBILE K, ARTALMAX FRUIT and DULZEE or the role of the biostimulant +PROD to increase crop yield.

On the second day, the ability of PINOPHYTAL Mix to activate the natural defenses of the plant was discussed and the latest product developed by Artal Smart Agriculture was presented: NEMARTAL, a new physiological inducer that strengthens the roots of the plant and increases both the number of fruits collected in the crops and the total production

Of course, PRIMTAL had a leading role in these sessions. Rienzo, a plant biotechnologist from the University of Padua and a doctorate in Biotechnology from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Harvard University (United States), explained the operation of this range of immunological activators based on the ‘priming effect’, which stimulates the immune system of plants, conditioning them to respond more quickly and efficiently to different stress factors.

The third day of the conference was dedicated to recreational activities, such as a visit to the Jeita Grotto and a visit to Byblos. “It has been an excellent opportunity to meet all the customers in the area at the same time after the two years of the pandemic, during which we have barely been able to travel, and we have taken the opportunity to provide training and technical information on our main products and share experiences” , has valued Juan Artal, manager of the company founded in 1895.

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