Artal Smart Agriculture wanted to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, this February 11, with three scientists who are currently fundamental pillars of the company.

Victoria García Delgado, the oldest in the company, was very attracted to science since she was a child. With a degree in Chemical Sciences, she is responsible for the R&D Laboratory, which capitalizes on the development, quality control and registration of products. “Artal Smart Agriculture, a pioneering company in Spain in liquid plant nutrition, has always highly valued knowledge, skills and effort, and this is reflected in the fact that it has a great team of women working, above all, in the Laboratory departments. , Quality and Production”.

One of them is Cristina Mahlfeld, head of Production, who studied Chemical Sciences because as a child she was very curious and liked to experiment. She appreciates that Artal Smart Agriculture gave her the “great opportunity to shape the position and acquire new responsibilities and be a link between the laboratory and the factory for quality control.”

Susana Escudero, a technician at the R&D&i Laboratory, acknowledges that the company founded in 1895 gave her “the opportunity to learn my job little by little”. Her function is to “facilitate the work” of those responsible for R + D + i and production. “We are three women who work as a team. Here it is easier because a very good work environment is created among everyone, from the first to the last, and that is later transmitted in the final result”.

Cristina is convinced that “today it is more feasible for women to access jobs that have always been classified for men. I think that the new generations are already beginning to be above these labor stereotypes”.

Although there is still a long way to go, it is increasingly possible for women to develop their careers in the industry thanks to their skills and knowledge. These three great professionals, Victoria, Susana and Cristina, show day by day that they are up to the task and Artal Smart Agriculture continues to grow with them.

The General Assembly declared February 11 the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in recognition of the key role that women play in the science and technology community and to promote their access to education, training and research in science. fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


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