Artal Smart Agriculture has just launched NEMARTAL, a new physiological inducer that strengthens the roots of the plant and manages to increase both the number of fruits collected in the crops and the total production harvested even in the presence of nematodes.

Widely distributed in agricultural soils around the world, phytoparasitic nematodes pose a threat to crops, which can be severely depleted by these species. Most of the damage they cause to plants is related to the feeding process, since they reduce the ability of the roots to capture and transport nutrients to the rest of the plant, which translates into a general weakening and production losses in cultivated plants. They directly induce diseases, such as root galls, necrosis in roots, deformations in stems and bulbs, among others; and indirectly, by interactions with other pathogens, such as fungi, bacteria and viruses.

The effective control of diseases caused by phytoparasitic nematodes consists of reducing their population densities before sowing or transplanting below the damage thresholds to minimize the severity of the disease and the losses of production. However, in the European Union there are limited products for the control of nematodes whose purpose is to eliminate their populations, so it is necessary to develop formulations that allow a reduction of damage by improving root resistance.

In its search for sustainable alternatives, Artal Smart Agriculture presents NEMARTAL, specially formulated to strengthen the roots even in the presence of nematodes, thus minimizing the damage caused by them in crops. It contains microelements, organic compounds and precursors of brassinolides that act directly on the meristematic tissues, responsible for plant growth, which favors a well-developed, structured and operational root system

NEMARTAL does not have a nematicidal or nematostatic effect, so its application does not reduce the presence of nematodes or damage the microbiota present in the soil; It is therefore respectful with the environment and the beneficial organisms that surround the crop. In addition, thanks to the way of application, radicular, it has an immediate effect on the strengthening of the roots.

In summary, the latest solution developed by Artal Smart Agriculture‘s R + D + i Department, to which the company allocates more than 5% of its annual turnover, strengthens the root system even in the presence of nematodes, reducing production losses, increasing the number of fruits collected and increasing the yield.

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