ARTAL Smart Agriculture has been awarded in the fifth edition of the Technology and Innovation Awards of the newspaper La Razón, in the category of Biotechnological Innovation in Agriculture, for the Primtal range of immunological activators.

ARTAL Smart Agriculture general manager, Juan Artal, received the award from the director of La Razón, Francisco Marhuenda, during a gala held on October 27 in Madrid. During the speech of thanks, Juan Artal highlighted the importance that innovation has had in this century-old company, founded in 1895: “Innovating is what we have been doing at Artal since my great-grandfather started the company in 1895. Innovation is what allowed us to stay in the market for four generations and for more than 125 years. Therefore, at Artal we know a lot about innovation and we are very clear that innovation is not an option but an obligation. Artal’s commitment is to continue innovating and developing products for the agriculture of the future or smart agriculture; that is, a safe, sustainable, and highly productive agriculture ”.

With the launch of Primtal immune activators in 2018, ARTAL Smart Agriculture revolutionized the field of biotechnology applied to agriculture. Priming technology, developed in collaboration with the Jaume I University of Castellón, improves the immune system of the plant in the presence of pests and diseases without energy costs and allows the production of healthy food without chemical residues.

The Technology and Innovation Awards were established by La Razón, the head of Atresmedia, one of the most important communication groups in Spain, to recognize the work of all those companies, professionals and entities that are committed to technological evolution. In this edition, 26 leading Spanish and international companies were awarded.

The awards ceremony was chaired by Carlos Izquierdo Torres, Regional Minister of Local Administration and Digitization of the Community of Madrid, and was closed by Francisco Marhuenda, director of La Razón. “Betting on digital transformation is betting on growth, competitiveness and employment. We do not have to be afraid of changes, nor of the digital revolution, which is already here and is so present, because if you look at history, you see that every time there has been a revolution, society has improved ”, highlighted Carlos Izquierdo.

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