Artal Smart Agriculture has become the first company in the world in the development of Plant Immunotherapy products, a new biological therapy based on the identification or development of substances produced by plants or manufactured in a laboratory to improve, activate, strengthen or boost their immune system, making them more resilient.

The concept of Plant Immunotherapy encompasses the set of treatment strategies to stimulate or replenish the immune system of plants, which is the natural process that has allowed plants to survive and adapt to the environment since the beginning of time, for thousands and thousands of years. The goal can be prophylactic (preventive) or therapeutic (maintenance).

Artal Smart Agriculture, in collaboration with the Jaume I University of Castellón, has developed the Primtal range, the first immunological activators with a ‘priming effect’ (from the English to prime: preparing someone for something). In the case of this range, it manages to prepare the immune system of plants to react more quickly and efficiently to certain stress factors.

Primtal’s stress-free technology differs from other solutions in that it does not generate energy costs, since it only starts up when the stress trigger has occurred. In addition, it activates different response pathways and does not block or repress genes that make up other hormonal pathways, so priming-conditioned plants are less susceptible to damage caused by a second stress.

After launching Primtal, 3 years ago now, the biotechnology company continues to research new solutions for Plant Immunotherapy in collaboration with different universities and research centers to continue being the world benchmark in the development of these tools for highly productive agriculture and each time more sustainable and respectful with the environment.

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