Artal Smart Agriculture has joined a social responsibility initiative promoted by the QUIMACOVA, association grouping the chemical sector companies of the Valencian Community, to provide educational centers with air purification equipment with HEPA filters and guarantee a safer environment for children. students.

The company founded in 1895 has donated to the C.E.I.P. Mare Nostrum, from Valencia, a purifier that will be installed in the TEA classroom, a special classroom for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in its different grades and levels. A purifier that is better adapted to the needs of this special classroom, since it is less noisy than those installed by the Generalitat Valenciana in educational centers, designed for larger and noisier spaces.

Artal Smart Agriculture has been part of QUIMACOVA since its foundation. This association promotes the competitiveness of Valencian chemical companies and represents them before institutions, society and the media.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Artal Smart Agriculture has participated in other solidarity initiatives. For example, it was one of the driving companies of the donation campaign organized by the Spanish Association of Agrinutrients’ Manufacturers for the purchase and delivery of masks to more than one hundred thousand workers in the field, coinciding with the start of the campaign to collect seasonal fruit.

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