ARTAL Smart Agriculture will participate next March 4 in the Virtual Meeting 25 years of biological control in the cultivation of peppers in the southeast of Spain, organized by Phytoma in collaboration with the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Environment of the Region of Murcia and the Murcian Institute of Research and Agricultural and Food Development (IMIDA).

Juan A. Artal, manager of the company, will talk about Plant Immunotherapy and New Technologies, an innovative method developed by ARTAL Smart Agriculture to stimulate the immune system of plants, conditioning them to respond in a faster and more efficient way to different stressors. From this concept comes PRIMTAL, the range of products with ‘priming’ technology, which improves the yield of numerous crops, including horticultural crops, such as peppers.

25 years of biological control in pepper cultivation in the southeast of Spain, on March 3 and 4, will review the beginnings and evolution of biological control in pepper, as well as the main current challenges to face pests and diseases in a sustainable and respectful with the environment way. The meeting will take place in virtual format, with a platform developed ad hoc that will allow attendees to follow the presentations live or a posteriori, and access the documentation provided by the sponsors.

The program is structured in four blocks. In the first, the origins of the biological control in pepper in the southeast of Spain will be recalled. The main pests today, such as thrips, whiteflies and aphids, and the available biological solutions will be discussed below. The second day the most common diseases of the pepper crop will be treated, such as the tan virus, nematodes and phytophthora, and the control media compatible with natural enemies. Finally, the socio-economic and environmental aspects related to pepper cultivation will be analyzed.

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