ARTAL Smart Agriculture has launched a new YouTube channel, ‘Artal video-pills’, which will be nourished with short-term informative audiovisual pieces to help farmers with agronomic advice to optimize crop yields.

Behind this initiative is the company’s desire to maintain closeness with customers and distributors in a context in which travel is highly restricted. “We work closely with our distributors and farmers worldwide to provide the best possible technical service. Unfortunately, this year mobility has been restricted, so we have not been able to be as close as we like to our collaborators and producers”, explains Juan Artal, current CEO of the company, in the video presentation of this new corporate channel and great-grandson of the founder.

In the ‘Artal video-pills’ videos will be published that will deal with themes and concepts that “it is advisable not to forget and always keep in mind to achieve a good performance of your plantations”, Juan Artal advances. They will also include the solutions proposed by the company so that “in a quick and easy way, you are aware of the tools that ARTAL Smart Agriculture offers to achieve a safe, sustainable and highly productive crop”, the three pillars of this company founded in 1895 and with a presence in thirty countries on four continents.

Thus, fruit setting, the importance of organic matter, rooting or the immune system of plants are some of the aspects that will be addressed by the “Artal video-pills”.

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