ARTAL Smart Agriculture has been selected as a top biotechnology company, according to the ABC newspaper, which has published a guide of leading companies in three fundamental fields of R&D: biotechnology, renewable energy, and information and communication technologies

The experts in innovation and technology of the historic journal have valued the long history of the company, founded in 1895, and above all its continued commitment to research, which has allowed it to remain at the forefront of the plant nutrition and biostimulants sector.

In its 125 years of existence, ARTAL Smart Agriculture has achieved important innovative landmarks, such as being the first Spanish company to manufacture liquid fertilizers. But it has been in recent years, especially with the launch of Primtal immunological activators, when it has taken an exponential leap in the field of biotechnology applied to agriculture. This range of solutions enhances the response of plants in the presence of certain types of stress and without generating energy costs. A revolution for agriculture, without waste and respectful of beneficials.

The company, currently present in thirty countries, has specialized in the development, formulation and marketing of products for a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture.

Taking advantage of the selection of top companies in biotechnology and information and communication technologies, ABC has just published an interview with Juan Artal, general manager of the company and great-grandson of the founder.

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