Super Set the ARTAL Agrinutrients biostimulant for flowering and setting, manages to increase the fruit set by shoot after the physiological fall a 34.92% according to the results of a field trial performed to evaluate its effect on flowering and fruit setting in citrus, The field trial was carried out by Phytest Hispania last year in Coria del Río (Seville), in Navel Powell orange cultivation and clay loam-loam soil. Two applications of this biostimulant were done, one in pre-flowering and one in full bloom and the results showed that trees treated with Super Set got 35% more fruits per shoot than untreated trees. Super Set is a natural liquid inducer, hormones-free, which stimulates and strengthens flowering and fruit setting. It is composed of phosphorus, potassium, molybdenum, boron and an exclusive tri-monomeric combination. It is one of the latest products developed by the R+D+I Department of ARTAL Agrinutrients, which is committed to the development of  competitive and high quality formulations, in accordance with the current demands of plant physiology, showing that the century-old company continues betting on developing products with high added value that contribute to the optimization of crops in terms of quality, production and profitability.
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