Julio F. Vázquez, new sales manager of ARTAL Agrinutrients for southern Spain and Latin America, travelled past September to the Dominican Republic and Honduras in the framework of the international expansion strategy of the Spanish company.

Main objective of the trip to Dominican Republic was to introduce ARTAL products to a local company very interested in marketing them. Agriculture is the most important sector in the country national GDP and second in total exports, behind mining.

After staying on the island two days longer than expected due to the closure of the airport in the face of the threat of Hurricane Maria, Vázquez was able to attend the event organized by the company Fundidora del Norte on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in Honduras. The event was attended by suppliers, distributors, customers and the entire staff of the company, manufacturer of agricultural machinery and exclusive distributor in Honduras of agricultural and construction equipment. Agriculture is one of the most important industries of the Central American country, a net exporter of food. It has two million seven hundred thousand hectares of arable land, 24% of the total land area.

ARTAL Agronutrientes plans to expand its presence in the Americas. To this end, during the last years he has made numerous trips to, among other countries, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador.

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