ARTAL Smart Agriculture has been awarded in the IV edition of the Technology and Innovation Awards of the newspaper La Razón, in the category of Biotechnology for the agricultural sector. This award recognizes the company for its contribution to the modernization of agriculture during its 125-year history.

The general manager of ARTAL Smart Agriculture, Juan Artal, received the award from the Minister of Economy, Employment and Competitiveness of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Giménez Rasero, during a gala held on October 27 in Madrid in which the director of La Razón, Francisco Marhuenda, was also present. During the speech of thanks, Juan Artal dedicated the award to the previous generations of this veteran family business. “Thanks to my great-grandfather because in 1895 you started this wonderful adventure. Thanks to my grandfather because you had the courage, after the Spanish Civil War, to continue with the second generation. Thanks to my father because in 1970 you incorporated the technology for manufacturing liquid fertilizers, being the first Spanish company to use this technology and start our international expansion ”.

“Many thanks to our workers, collaborators and clients: without you we would not be here. And many thanks, of course, to La Razón. We are proud to receive this award on our 125th anniversary, which is a recognition of our commitment to science, innovation and technology ”, added the first executive of the company and the fourth generation of this family saga.

The Technology and Innovation Awards were established by La Razón, the head of Atresmedia, one of the most important communication groups in Spain, to recognize the work of all those companies, professionals and entities that, day by day, strongly bet on evolution technology in search of greater efficiency of our resources, a constant improvement of the products that are manufactured and, therefore, of our quality of life.

In addition to ARTAL Smart Agriculture, other award-winning companies were Huawei, Murprotec, Asseco, Shamir and the 2VM Agency, among others, at the award ceremony, presented by journalist Roberto Brasero

In its 125 years of existence, ARTAL Smart Agriculture has achieved important innovative milestones, such as being the first Spanish company to manufacture liquid fertilizers. But it has been in recent years, especially with the launch of Primtal immunological activators, when it has taken an exponential leap in the field of biotechnology applied to agriculture. This range of solutions enhances the response of plants in the presence of certain types of stress and without generating energy costs. A revolution for agriculture, without residues and respectful of beneficials.

The company, currently present in thirty countries, is specialized in the development, formulation and commercialization of products for a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture.

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