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Vegetable amino acids: VEGEAMINO


VEGEAMINO is a bioactivator with a high concentration of amino acids of vegetable origin obtained by hydrolysis. In this technical report we will see how the application of this product in the crop will activate the metabolism and hormonal processes of plants. The elements contained in VEGEAMINO accelerate the vegetative growth of plants and improve their recovery from stress situations, in addition to improving the assimilation and effectiveness of fertilizers and pesticides.

VEGEAMINO is indicated for all types of crops: fruit trees (pip and stone), citrus fruits, horticulture, cereals and ornamentals.

VEGEAMINO is: Physiological inducer with amino acids > VEGEAMINO (commercial information)

Technical report VEGEAMINO: properties and benefits

VEGEAMINE is a bioactivator composed of vegetal origin free amino acids obtained by hydrolysis.

It acts as an activator for the physiology and the hormonal processes of the plant.

It contains elements aimed at the stimulation of the crops development.

Amino acids

Amino acid carboxylic group VEGEAMINO - ArtalOrganic compounds formed by a carboxylic acid (-COOH), a lateral chain (-R) and an amino group (-NH).

VEGEAMINO contains amino acids in L-position, fully assimilable by the plant.

VEGEAMINO amino acids are::
ASP – VAL – GLU (14,0%) – PHE – SER – ILE – GLY(5%) – LEU – THR – LYS – ARG – HIS – ALA – PRO – TYR – HYP – MET

Amino acids join to create Peptide chains.

Peptide chains fold themselves forming Proteins.
Amino acid peptide chain VEGEAMINO - Artal

Proteins have several functions, being one of their main the enzymatic activity.

Enzymes are organic molecules composed by amino acids that process substrates which they convert into metabolic products through chemical reactions.

Through addition of amino acids the enzymatic activity increases, boosting metabolic speed.

Diagram of the enzymatic activity

Diagram of the enzymatic activity

VEGEAMINO amino acids give to your crop the following benefits:

  • Boosting of the plant metabolism
  • Improving the absorption of microelements
  • RReduction of the energetic expenditure for the plant
  • Reinforcement of the anti-stress systems
  • Improve the activity of the phytosanitaries


Density: 1,24 gr/cc
pH (20ºC): 6,1

Free Amino acids 20,00% p/p = 24,80% p/v
Total Nitrogen (N) 3,90% p/p = 4,83% p/v


VEGEAMINO is recommended for all kinds of crops: fruits (pip and pit), citrus, horticulturals, cereals and ornamentals.

VEGEAMINO has a completely assimilable formula, so it can be applied by the roots or foliar.

VEGEAMINO application is recommended during growth stages of the crop and during stress periods, like freezes, or along the application of phytosanitaries.

Foliar Application cc/ 100L
Horticultural Greenhouses 200-250 cc/L 2 – 4 applications, when active growth occurs and along with phytosanitaries
Horticultural open fields 200-250 cc/L 2 – 4 applications, when active growth occurs and along with phytosanitaries
Citrus and Subtropical crops 200-300 cc/L In pre-blossoming, petal fall and fattening
Fruit trees*, Olive and Vines
(*In fruit trees is recommended to apply just in fertirrigation)
200-300 cc/L
Cereals and Ornamentals 200-300 cc/L 2 – 4 applications, with postemergency herbicides, in the beginning and the end of the tillering process
Fertirrigation Apply between 5-6 L/Ha

NOTE: Dosage must be established in each case by the technical qualified service, according to the crops’ requirements and the kind of soil.


  • Favours metabolic activity in the crop
  • Improves crop growth
  • Energy saving for the plants
  • Favours plant recovering against stress situations/li>
  • Complexes some microelements, favouring their
    absorption by the plant
  • Improves the effectivity of pesticides

Vegeamino, free amino acids vegetable origin (pdf)

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