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Root development and mycorrhization: ENRAIZAL


ENRAIZAL is a liquid biostimulant made with amino acids enriched with NPK, Boron, Manganese and Zinc, which also includes organic matter, vitamins and pyrimidine and pyrimidine bases that guarantee its biostimulant activity.

This product promotes the rooting of the crop plants. Rooting is a process that increases the amount of roots and root hairs (protuberances on the surface of the roots) which improves the absorption capacity of the root, with the consequent benefit for the plant.

In addition, the product stimulates the process of mycorrhization, which is a symbiosis between plants and soil microorganisms that further enhances the absorption of nutrients by the root.

ENRAIZAL is: physiological inducer> ENRAIZAL (commercial information)

Technical report ENRAIZAL: properties and benefits

ENRAIZAL is a liquid bioactivator made of amino acids enriched with NPK, Boron, Manganese, Zinc and puric and pyrimidine bases that promote:

  • Root development
  • Mycorrhization
  • The unblocking of soil nutrients

What is Mycorrhization

It is a symbiosis (profit-gain ratio) between a plant and a beneficial fungus for the plant.

It is a common relationship, most of the plants present it.

The plant uses the roots of the fungus to absorb nutrients and water.

Beneficial fungus in the roots - ENRAIZAL Artal

Benefits of Mycorrhization

  • Increase intake of water and mineral nutrients (N, P, Zn …)
  • It helps the absorption of fertilizers by the plant
  • Increases plant resistance to stress
  • Increases soil fertility and improves its structure
  • Acts as an insulator of the plant to soil toxics
  • Stimulates the production of the plant, increasing its photosynthetic activity



It refers to the chemical names of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

They are part of the elements called macronutrients, essential and limiting factors for the growth and development of the plant.

They participate in critical functions for the plant:

  • Production of ATP and NADPH, the energy molecules
  • Activation of the transport of nutrients and their related enzymes
  • Regulation of the stomatal opening they provide to the turgor plant
  • Resistance of the plant to cold and drought
  • Synthesis of fatty acids, sugars, proteins, chlorophylls …

Boron (B)

Mineral micronutrient key in the production of plants.

Boron cell wall - ArtalBoron improves:

  • The stability of the cell wall
  • Cell division and the development of fruit and seeds
  • The transport of sugars
  • Hormone metabolism

Boro interrelates its functions with Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Calcium.

The cell wall is the envelope of the plant cell. Its role is to maintain cellular integrity.


Mineral micronutrient important in the general metabolism of the plant.

It plays an important role in photosynthesis and enzymatic activity.

It is absorbed by the plants in the ionic form Mn2+.

The role of this element is important:

  • Reduces oxidative damage
  • It is an important element of photosynthesis
  • It takes part of the nitrogen assimilation of the plant
  • Activates cell growth
  • Acts as a cofactor (inorganic element) of the enzymes

Cofactor Manganese - Artal
A cofactor is an inorganic element necessary for an enzyme to perform its metabolic function.


Mineral micronutrient important in the general metabolism of the plant.

Its main role is to be part of the enzymes as a cofactor, the inorganic part of the enzymes.

ENRAIZAL contains Zn2 + the ionic and soluble form absorbed by the plants.

Zinc is involved in functions such as:

  • The cellular protection of oxidative damage
  • Production of auxins, an essential growth hormone
  • Conservation of the chlorophyll molecule during periods of stress
  • Increase in enzymatic longevity
  • Maintenance of the cell membrane
  • Synthesis of the cuticle of the leaf

Guaranteed contents

Free amino acids 6,00% w/w = 7,90% w/v
Total Nitrogen (N) 1,15% w/w = 1,50% w/v
Potassium Oxide (K2O) 4,00% w/w = 4,60% w/v
Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) 2,00% w/w = 2,30% w/v
Manganese (Mn) 0,05% w/w = 0,06% w/v
Zinc (Zn) 0,05% w/w = 0,06% w/v
Boron (B) 0,01% w/w = 0,01% w/v


ENRAIZAL is a biostimulator developed to improve the root system.

ENRAIZAL is recommended for all crops: FRUIT (bone and nugget), horticulture, ornamental plants, citrus and cereals.

Foliar application cc/100L Radicular application L/Ha
Fruit trees, olive groves and vineyards* 250-400cc/100L 4-5 L/ha per application 1-2 aplicaciones después de Ia germinación
Cereals and ornamentals 200-300cc/100L —- Applications every 10-15 days since transplant
Greenhoouse 200-300cc/100L 2-4 L/ha per application 2-3 applications every 10-15 days since the transplant
Horticultural open field 250-35cc/100L 2-4 L/ha per application 2-3 applications every 10-15 days since the transplant
Citrus and subtropical crops 250-400cc/100L 4-5 L/ha per application 1-2 applications after germination

* Do not mix with oils or sulphurous or cupric wines except in olive, where the mixture with copper components can be recommended.
NOTE: Do not apply on plums or on cut flowers.

ENRAIZAL benefits

  • Promotes root development
  • It favors the militarization after the transplant
  • Improves the development of the plant and the biomass

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