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Technical report Amino acids


In this technical report an exhaustive review is made on the different types of amino acids, their chemical structure and the main benefits that derive from each of the 20 different types of protein amino acids in plants.

The amino acids, as stated in the previous article Amino Acids, are the organic molecules from which the proteins are synthesized; therefore, the application of products rich in amino acids helps crops to develop correctly, even under stress situations.

For the application of products containing amino acids it is convenient to look at the aminogram or list of amino acids that the product contains in its formula, to make sure that the appropriate amino acids are being added to the situation of each crop.

Technical report amino acids: properties and benefits

Amino acids - ARTALAmino acids are organic molecules composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen.

These elements are grouped into three groups: a carboxylic acid (-COOH), an amino group (-NH2) and a side chain (-R).

We can find two types of amino acids within a living being:

These amino acids perform their function by adding themselves, forming the molecules known as proteins. These amino acids are not part of any protein. They perform their function without joining other amino acids.

Types of amino acids

Aliphatics (non-cyclic side chain) Alanine, glycine, isoleucine, leucine, proline
Aliphatics Amino acids - Artal
Aromatics (cyclic side chain) Phenylalanine, tryptophan and tyrosine
Aromatics Amino acids - Artal
Amidic (with an NH2 group) Aspargine, glutamine
Amidic amino acids - Artal
Acids Aspartic acid and glutamic acid
Acids Amino acids - Artal
Sulfur (-SH group in the side chain) Cysteine, methionine
Sulfur Amino acids - Artal
Basics Arginine, histidine, lysine
Basics Amino acids - Artal
Hydroxylic (with a -OH group in the side chain) Serine, threonine
Hydroxylic Amino acids - Artal


  • They activate the growth and metabolism of the plant
  • They reinforce the biotic and abiotic stress mechanisms
  • They help the plant to absorb, transport and recycle nutrients
  • They favor the synthesis of hormones and other metabolic products
  • They regulate the osmotic pressure of cells and tissues
  • Chelating effect on some micronutrients such as zinc

Artal fertilizers

Aminotal Super

AMINOTAL SUPER is a bioactivator made out of 30% free amino acidsAMINOTAL SUPER is a bioactivator composed of free amino acids.

It acts as an activator of physiology and hormonal processes.

It contains elements focused on the stimulation of crop development.

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VEGEAMINO is a bioactivator made out of free amino acidsVEGEAMINO is a bioactivator with a high concentration of amino acids.

These amino acids are all of plant origin obtained by hydrolysis.

Read Vegeamino full data sheet.

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