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Seaweed extracts Ascophyllum Nodosum: ALGATON


Seaweed extracts are used in agriculture as biofertilizing products of high quality and with many benefits for the crop. The most used algae to elaborate these extracts is a typical algae of the Atlantic Ocean. The application of liquid fertilizers based on the extract of this alga ensures a stimulated vegetative growth and an improvement in the defense systems of the plant.

ALGATON by ARTAL is a high quality liquid biofertilizer product based on the extract of Ascophyllum nodosum that confers to your crop all the benefits of this extract added to the presence of Molybdenum. It promotes the vegetative growth, the flowering and the formation and maturation of the fruit.

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Technical information seaweed extract Ascophyllum Nodosum: Properties of seaweed extracts

Ascophyllum nodosum is a brown seaweed that belongs to Phaeophyceae class.

It is the most common seaweed of the Atlantic ocean.

It is produced in large quantities as source of alginate and to produce high quality fertilizer.

Its extract contains the following elements:

  1. Macroelements NPK
  2. Microelements (Manganese, Copper, Iron, Zinc…)
  3. Vegetal hormones(cytokinines and auxins)
  4. Sugars (mannitol, polysaccharides…)
  5. Amino acids

Metabolism Seaweed extract - Artal


The application of A. nodosum extracts provides to the crop quick benefits:

  • Stimulates metabolism and crop development (due to its hormones and nutrients).
  • Increases the available energy for the plant to grow (due to the addition of synthetized metabolites).
  • Favours flowering.
  • Helps the plant against stress situations.
  • Improves the response against phytofagues (aphids) and microorganisms (mildius, E. coli…) infections.
  • Polysaccharides act as a microelement chelators, improving their absorption by the plant.
  • Improves soil structure due to its organic matter (fucoidan, alginin…)
  • Stimulates symbiosis between plants and soil microorganisms.
  • In olives, it improves oil quality (more linoleic and oleic acid).


A. nodosum extract contains laminarin, fucoidan and alginate as main sugars. The application of these sugars:

  • Increases the energy available for the plants.
  • Improves soil quality.
  • MImproves the anti-pathogen response (laminarin is an elicitor of the immunologic system).


Vegetal hormones are organic substances that modulate physiological processes at tiny concentrations.

A.nodosum extracts contain auxins and cytokinines.

The application of products with hormones will grant:

  • More vegetative growth.
  • Better root systems.

Amino acids

Amino acids seaweed extract - ArtalAmino acids are organic compounds from which proteins are made.

These elements are grouped into three groups: a carboxylic acid (-COOH), an amino group (-NH2) and a lateral chain (-R).

  • They activate plant metabolism.
  • They improve self defense mechanisms.
  • They help the plant to absorb, transport and recycle nutrients.

Summary benefits

The application of A. nodosum extracts provides to the crop quick benefits:

  • Increased vegetative growth.
  • Increased germination rate.
  • Larger foliar developments.
  • Better foliar quality and vigor.
  • Increased pathogen resistance.
  • Immediate response in the treatment.


ALGATON is a NPK inducer based on natural extracts of marine algae, enriched with molybdenumALGATON is an NPK bioestimulant composed by an extract of the Ascophylum nodosum seaweed enriched with Molybdenum.

The application of this product will benefit the crop in several ways:

  • Stimulates metabolism and crop development.
  • Increases the available energy for the growth.
  • Helps the plant against stress periods.

Guaranteed Contents

Density: 1,3 gr/cc
pH (20ºC): 8,2

Total Nitrogen (N) 6,00% p/p = 7,80% p/v
Phosphorus (P) 3,00% p/p = 3,90% p/v
Potassium (K) 10,00% p/p = 13,00% p/v
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,30% p/p = 0,40% p/v
Soluble Liquid
Seaweed Extract (30%)

Use and dosage

AFoliar Application cc/100L Root Application L/ha
Greenhouse 150-200 cc/100L 2-4L/ha per application 3-4 applications, since transplant and each 10-15 days
Horticultural Open Field 150-200 cc/100L 2-4L/ha per application 3-4 applications, since transplant and each 10-15 days
Citrus and Subtropical 200-300 cc/100L 2-4L/ha per application 2-3 applications from preflowering to fruit fattening
Fruit, olive and vines 150-300 cc/100L 2-4L/ha per application 2-3 applications from pre-flowering to fruit fattening
Cereals and Ornamentals 200-300 cc/100L —- 3-4 applications, since transplant and each 10-15 days

NOTE: ALGATON is compatible with most of the fertilizers and phytosanitaries, even though it is advisable to perform a previous test.. Do not mix with mineral oils, Copper, Sulphur or acid reaction products.

Properties Seaweed extract (PDF)

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