Rooting power with puric bases, amino acids, NPK and microelements

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ENRAIZAL is a rooting inducer containing purine base-derivatives, amino acids, NPK and trace elements. ENRAIZAL increases the nutrients-absorbing surface due to its stimulation on the lateral roots, which increases the number of mycorrhizes and root hairs: Booster Effect. Its application is recommended after transplantation or when it is appropriate to encourage rooting and nutrient absorption in all crops.
Free Amino acids 4.20% w/w = 4.83% w/v
Total Nitrogen (N) 6.00% w/w = 6.90% w/v
     Organic Nitrogen 0.82% w/w = 0.94% w/v
     Nitric Nitrogen 0.95% w/w = 1.09% w/v
     Ureic Nitrogen 4.23% w/w = 4.86% w/v
Phosphorous (P205) water-soluble 2.00% w/w = 2.30% w/v
Potassium (K20) water-soluble 4.00% w/w = 4.60% w/v
It also contains ≤ 0.1% w/w Boron (B); Manganese (Mn) & Zinc (Zn)
Soluble Liquide (S.L.)
Fertilizer with amino acids, NPK 6-2-4 and micronutrients

ENRAIZAL complete data sheet here


Roots strengthener

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NEMARTAL is a physiological inducer 0.0 Residue, the result of an exhaustive development process carried out by the R + D + i department of Artal Smart Agriculture, based on microelements, organic compounds and precursors of brassinolides.

NEMARTAL is specially formulated to strengthen the roots of plants and achieve a well-developed, structured and operational root system even in the presence of nematodes.

NEMARTAL does not have a nematicidal or nematostatic effect. It acts directly on the meristematic tissues that are responsible for plant growth, strengthening the root system, allowing plants to increase both the number of fruits collected and the total production harvested.


Boron (B) water-soluble 0,50% w/w = 0,59% w/v
Copper (Cu) water-soluble 2,00% w/w = 2,36% w/v
Copper* (Cu) complexed 0.82% w/w = 0.94% w/v
Molybdenum (Mo) water-soluble 0,10% w/w = 0,18% w/v
Soluble Liquid (S.L.)

*Complexing Agent: Lignosulfonic Acid. pH range for which a good stability of the complexed fraction is guaranteed: 2–9.

It also contains organic compounds and precursors of brassinolides.

NEMARTAL Complete data sheet here

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