Certified fertilizers for its use in organic farming according to ECR 834/2007 standards (EU) and NOP (USA)


Ripening Inducer with Bicarboxylic Potassium

Certified fertilizer for its use in organic farming according to ECR 834/2007 standards (EU)

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MOBILE K is a liquid biostimulant based on high mobility organic potassium, of fast absorption and assimilation by the plant. Its exclusive bicarboxylic combination provides a greater degree of translocation of nutrients and sugars. MOBILE K is specially developed to improve the quality, appearance, size and uniformity of fruits. MOBILE K is especially recommended for:

  • Fattening and ripening of fruits
  • During times of increased absorption difficulty, for example, low temperatures
  • For nutrition and / or correction of Potassium deficiency states

MOBILE K has a buffer effect which facilitates mixtures with other fertilizers and / or pesticides.

Potassium* (K2O) water-soluble 20.0% w/w = 27.0% w/v
Soluble Liquid (S.L.)

*Bicarboxylic potassium of last generation

Potassium solution

MOBILE K ECO complete data sheet here


Ripening  and sugars Inducer with polysaccharides, calcium and microelements

Certified fertilizer for its use in organic farming according to ECR 834/2007 standards (EU)

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DULZEE Eco is a polysaccharides-based biostimulant with calcium and trace elements; it also contains uronic acids that favor a fast absorption and assimilation by the plant.

It has a stimulating effect on crops improving crop uniformity, consistency and color of fruits.

It promotes sugar formation speeding up fruit ripening and advancing harvest time.

Calcium (CaO) water-soluble 14.00% w/w = 19.74% w/v
Boron (B) water-soluble 0.14% w/w = 0.20% w/v
Molybdenum (Mo) water-soluble 0.02% w/w = 0.03% w/v
Zinc (Zn) water-soluble 0.05% w/w = 0.07% w/v
Also contains 25% Mono, di-polysaccharides

0,2% Uronic acids

Soluble Liquid (S.L.)

EC fertilizer. Calcium chloride solution with trace elements

DULZEE ECO complete data sheet

+PROD (Eco)

Ripening inducer: increases Production and improves Quality

Certified fertilizer for its use in organic farming according to ECR 834/2007 standards (EU) and NOP (USA)

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+PROD is a product developed by the R&D&I department of Artal Smart Agriculture, tested and verified by different universities and research centers.

Its formula is based on natural organic compounds, microelements and metabolic fuels that favour the generation and transport of photoassimilates needed for production.

Its application on a regular basis:

  • Increases production
  • Improves quality of the crops (precocity, uniform size and color, longer postharvest life).
Copper (Cu) water-soluble 1.80% w/w = 2.25% w/v
Manganese (Mn) water-soluble 0.80% w/w = 1.00% w/v
Zinc (Zn) water-soluble 0.60% w/w = 0.75% w/v
Soluble Liquid (S.L.)

EC fertilizer. Liquid mixture of micronutrients

+PROD ECO complete data sheet here


Seaweed Extracts Ascophyllum Nodosum enriched with potassium and boron

Certified fertilizer for its use in organic farming according to ECR 834/2007 standards (EU) and NOP (USA)

Complete data sheet here

ALGATON Eco is a biostimulant based on natural extracts of marine algae of the species Ascophillium nodosum enriched with potassium and boron.

It is a product of a high stimulating power, as it provides a high proportion of natural plant hormones (cytokinins, auxins, gibberellins, etc.), amino acids and carbohydrates (alginic acid, mannitol, laminarin, etc.) which penetrate the cellular tissues focusing on the physiological processes of the plant, stimulating its growth and promoting flowering, fruit setting and fruit ripening.

Potassium (K2O) water soluble 7.00% w/w = 8.12% w/v
Boron (B) water soluble 0.35% w/w = 0.41% w/v
Mannitol 0.40% w/w = 0.46% w/v
Seaweed Extracts Ascophyllum Nodosum
Soluble Liquid (S.L.)

Potassium solution with algae extract and boron (B)

ALGATON ECO complete data sheet here


Self-defense inducer with copper and natural extracts of Pinophytes

Certified fertilizer for its use in organic farming according to ECR 834/2007 standards (EU) and NOP (USA)

Complete data sheet

PINOPHYTAL is a self-defence inducer, result of an exhaustive process of development carried out by the Artal Smart Agriculture R+D+I Department, based in Pinophytes and complexed copper.

PINOPHYTAL promotes the synthesis of phenolic substances and phytoalexins that are created by the plants to defend themselves against specific stress situations.

PINOPHYTES are a selection of vegetal origin extracts coming form pinaceae, free of any residue and rich in natural polyphenols.

Copper (Cu) water-soluble 6.00% w/w = 7.71% w/v
Copper (Cu) complexed by LS 4.80% w/w = 6.17% w/v
Complexing agent Lignosulfonic Acid
Contains natural extracts of Pinophytes
Soluble Liquid (S.L.)

EC Fertilizer, Copper complex

PINOPHYTAL complete data sheet here

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PRIMTAL ® Stress-free technology “Priming Effect”.

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