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VEGEAMINO · Free vegetal Amino acids

Amino acids

PROPERTIESVEGEAMINO is a bioactivator made out of free amino acids

VEGEAMINO is a bioactivator made out of free amino acids obtained by hydrolysis of vegetal proteins which activates the phisiology and hormonal processes. The elements it contains are destined to stimulate the plant’s chlorophyllic function and accelerate the vegetative development of the crops.

VEGEAMINO improves and activates the assimilation of trace elements, empowering their effect if used together. It also reinforces the action of fungicides and insecticides, so that it’s mixture is also recommended.

VEGEAMINO is specially recommended before and after sprouting, because it promotes and speeds up the crop development, reinforcing the plants vigour and improving their resistance to certain diseases. It is also recommended to promote the crop development during its first stages (young plants or recently transplanted), during critical stages of growth and to face stress situations.

We have expanded the technical information of VEGEAMINO in Technical report VEGEAMINO: properties and benefits.


Free Amino acids 20.00% w/w = 24.80% w/v
Total Nitrogen (N) 3.20% w/w = 3.97% w/v
     Organic Nitrogen 3.20% w/w = 3.97% w/v
Soluble Liquid (S.L.)

Present Amino acids: ASP – VAL – GLU (14,0%) – PHE – SER – ILE – GLY (5,0%) – LEU – THR – LYS – ARG – HIS – ALA – PRO – TYR – HYP – MET

Important note: the guaranteed contents shown here comply with European and/or Spanish legislation. They are/or could be modified totally or partially in order to follow country rules in differents continents.


VEGEAMINO is recommended for all kinds of crops: fruit trees (pip and pit fruits), citrus, vegetables, extensive and ornamental crops.


VEGEAMINO can be applied by foliar or root feeding using any kind of irrigation system. It can be used along with phytosanitary products. It is also recommended to use it along with a nutritional product adapted to the crop’s needs. Avoid its use during high insolation hours.

General application rates:

  • Foliar (with 15 to 21 days interval): 200-300 cc/100 liters of water.
  • Root: 10-15 l/ha and crop cycle distributed in several applications with 15 to 21 days interval.
Fruit vegetables 2 – 2.5 l/ha 2 – 4 applications, active growth and along with phytosanitary products
Leaf vegetables 2 – 2.5 l/ha 2 – 4 applications, active growth and along with phytosanitary products
Citrus and subtropical crops 2 – 3 l/ha Pre blooming, petal fall and fattening.
Fruit trees, olive trees and vines 2 – 3 l/ha Sprouting, pre blooming, fruit formation and ripening
Extensive and ornamentals 2 – 3 l/ha 2—4 applications, along with post-emergency weedkillers, at beginning and end of tillering
Fertigation   Apply 10-15l/hectare



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