Artal Smart Agriculture has just inaugurated a brand-new laboratory equipped with the most advanced technological developments in order to meet the growing demand for high value-added products for a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture.

Among the new tools that the laboratory opens, a fume hood for product development and a new laminar flow hood for the microbiological analyzes necessary for product development and quality control stand out. All this is complemented by a new electronic density meter that represents a substantial improvement in the precision and accuracy of the measurements that are made.

A new multiparameter (pH, conductivity meter) also substantially improves factory controls.

The microbiological analysis area of the new laboratory, therefore, has a laminar flow hood, colony counter and the appropriate stove for this purpose. It also opens a light box and photographic equipment to accompany the documentation of all the processes that take place in this space.

The laboratory has a new 50L scale formulator that reproduces manufacturing conditions in the plant and will speed up the development of prototypes and field trials. The equipment to carry out product stability controls (refrigerators, stoves and dynamic cold system) has also been expanded and state-of-the-art equipment for filtration has been acquired. Lastly, new scales for weighing and new stirrers have been acquired, which are used in the development of formulations, and an ultrasonic bath that speeds up measurements.

Thanks to this important investment, the biotechnological company “has the possibility of improving and implementing the analysis capacity, the formulation of new solutions or the quality tests”, highlights Victoria García Delgado, head of the Artal Smart Agriculture R&D Laboratory.

With the new facilities, the company doubles its storage space and quadruples the space for laboratory staff. This expansion is accompanied by a new storage system that will streamline laboratory procedures

The laboratory is the core of innovation at Artal Smart Agriculture, the space that allows you to develop and formulate competitive and quality products in accordance with agronomic demands. In it, the raw materials are tested to ensure that they are the best for each product and the quality control of their formulations is carried out.

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