ARTAL, founded in 1895, has reinvented itself with the Smart Agriculture concept to be positioned as a company dedicated to the development, formulation and marketing of products for a safe, sustainable and highly productive agriculture.

Smart Agriculture reaffirms the company’s commitment to develop products for agriculture with the highest standards of sustainability and food safety, thanks to a firm commitment to innovation and research. In addition, it highlights the international vocation of ARTAL, which began exporting in the early nineties and is already present in more than thirty countries on four continents.

This reorientation of the brand strategy has been accompanied by a new presentation of its products, grouped into three families: the immunological activators of the Primtal range, developed in joint research with the Jaume I University of Castellón, which increases the response capacity of the immune system of plants face  to specific stress situations; the physiological inducers, products specially for the different phenological states of crops, and that includes the amino acids and special inducers; and the nutritional ones, which provide the macro and micro nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the plants: soil improvers, deficiency correctors, foliar fertilizers and for specific crops.

Taking advantage of this new brand concept, ARTAL Smart Agriculture has just launched a corporate website, which reflects the outstanding values ​​of this new restyling and presents the product catalog according to the new division. In addition, it is available in three languages: Spanish, English and French.

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