ARTAL Agrinutrients has launched a new range of products formulated to meet the needs of specific crops. This new range is initially composed by four products developed for specific crops and will be progressively expanded to other crops. ARTAL Rice is a liquid mixture of micronutrients (Boron, Molybdenum and Zinc) enriched with specially selected amino acids to induce rice setting, improve yield and increase size and number of grains. Besides, ARTAL Grain is a liquid foliar fertilizer based on free amino acids, Nitrogen and trace elements particularly selected to favor vegetative growth in extensive crops. It can be applied throughout the crop cycle, especially in those phases where there is a greater energy expenditure and to recover the plants of any type of stress. ARTAL Olive, another of the products in this new range, is a foliar fertilizer with a balanced formula with Nitrogen, Iron and Magnesium, which provides a correct balance of these three elements that act as catalysts of respiratory reactions and intervene in both photosynthesis as in the various enzymatic reactions, among other processes. ARTAL Vine, a foliar application fertilizer with a high stimulating power, is specifically designed to satisfy the nutritional demands and stimulate the physiological processes (especially flowering and fruit setting) of the vineyard. Formulated with amino acids and microelements, it is indicated for its application throughout the growing cycle, especially in pre-flowering and after setting, as well as to overcome moments of stress that the plant has been able to withstand: pests, diseases, hail … With this new range, the centenary fertilizers company is still committed to developing products with high added value that contribute to optimize crops in terms of quality, production and profitability.
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