Fertiorgan Calcium, first saline corrector formulated in Spain, already has its own website. ARTAL Agrinutrients just launched an exclusive website for this product, one of the bestsellers of its large catalogue, as well in the domestic market as in the international.

In this new virtual space, available in Spanish, English and French, how salt affects crops and what characterizes a saline corrector is explained. Properties and benefits of Fertiorgan Calcium, product that ARTAL Agrinutrients began manufacturing more than thirty years ago, are also described in detail.

Taking advantage of this site launching, an animated video tutorial has been published exposing application and effects of Fertiorgan Calcium as a saline corrector for soils and waters. Thanks to the 100% complexed calcium and its exclusive organic matter, coming from the coniferous forests of the Northern Europe, this product displaces sodium releasing the absorption of nutrients; in turn, it also increases the microbial activity of the soil and favors the assimilation of the necessary nutrients for the plant.

Calcium absence, a secondary macronutrient, limits the growth of plants. The absorption of this mineral by the plant, among other functions, promotes cell elongation, improves the organoleptic properties of the fruit and its shelf-life. For these reasons, this saline corrector is a product so demanded by agricultural growers for decades.

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