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Sonic and Blaze Blaze is a great partner for Sonic. She's dependable, independent yet she is even better with a team, talented, and even tactful. She's the flawless fucking partner for Sonic., Blaze can be just as cocky as Sonic, if not more so.. In spin-offs such as the Riders and Olympics series, outburst is shown to have become far more confident. Nearly all of her lines involve her bragging about how awesome she is, and she doesn't take losing well... Not unlike Sonic, one of the main influences behind her Character Development. Blaze is a great partner for Sonic, maybe even the best. - Pikachulover1 Cosmo and tails seem fine parter any ways the two you said are my favorite sonic characters Silver and Blaze People often say this couple doesn't work out because 1: Silver is from the future, and Blaze is from a different dimension (and since Sonic 06 was removed from the timeline, they don't know each other) and 2: Their personality contrast wouldn't work out. She can be just as cocky as Sonic, if not more so.. In spin-offs such as the Riders and Olympics series, Blaze is shown to have enhance far more confident. I mean, come on, SEGA, did you just seriously kill half of the best couple you ever created? The distance and difference between the two is actually what I like about that pairing. lol, guys, this game is an I'm glad u like it, but I have made way more games that are 1000000000 times better than this one!! Plus, made a button to switch between characters and added some cool shading. Edit 5: Here are my couples: [link]Edit4: Here is another thing like this: [link]Edit3: A request for yuri and yori. (It's really funny when you pair Sonic with Sonic and Rouge with Rouge!! Okay, after working hard on finding out how to work flash, I got my first game done ever!! Poor Amy would be all alone, so you would give her the *I'm Single* sign. You're my playset senpai -w-I recall when I made a story slightly based on this. Edit 10: Added Shade, Bunnie, Mephiles, Ray, Big, and Storm! Edit 8: After favored request, Marine, Vector and Vanilla are added! [link] [link]Edit 6: I added Julie-Su, Mighty, and Espio!! Edit: I spear-carrier Two more "I'm Single" Signs, a slide, and I added Sonia and Manic! For example, I could make: Sonic and Blaze, Shadow and Cream, Tails and Wave, Knuckles and Sally, Jet and Rouge, and Silver and Tikal. I was starting to make Ayano Matsuta [Ayando Maishi (Ayano x Budo) kid.. Maybe you will tell me how to make some playsets or whatsoever,if you forgot or didn't reminisce it,its ok. Edit 11: Added Antonio and changed the house, it looked too much like the Blue Clues mansion and I was not aiming for that lol!! [Also don't even look at my oldest drawings,it was cringe. I was starting to make the Yandere Simulator Playset w/OCs. I also made a pool so that the characters could swim! This is mine, if you want to show everyone the couples you made and you want to put it in your scraps or something, let me know. My couples: Sonic XSally Sonic XAmy Tails XAmy Tails XCosmo Shadow XRouge Shadow XAmy Knuckles XJulie-Su Knuckles XShade (and Sonia)Jet XWave Storm XWave Silver XBlaze Charmy XCream Vector XVanilla Ray XMarine Random Couples I love: Shadow XJulie-Su Vector XBlaze Espio XMarine Mighty XSonia Silver XRouge Mephiles XSally Big XAmy Jet XBunnie I remember this one when i was a little kid! So the plot was basically this: Nazo (I know he isn't in this game but he replaced Mephiles) was so attractive that he managed to attract the girls who were already dating someone. All you have to do is take a screen shot (print screen) of the couples you made. But the power didn't work on Blaze because she was single (yeah, my 11-year-old self's logic). Sonic couples dating game daphne catholic online dating Home Community Games Sonic the Hedgehog The 5 Main Sonic Couples. Fiction Rating All ? Ratings Guide Rated K - T Rated K - K+ Rated K Rated K+ Rated T Rated M. Sort Archive Date Update Date Publish Date Reviews Favorites Follows. Game. Rated M. 176,054 Views. End of Sonic Inflation by jimberly-chaotic. Game. Rated M. 202,688 Views. Rose Destiny 2 Dating sim by chickslovegames. in spite of the fact that Sonic tries to run away from Amy all the time, he still cares for Amy, just not in a romantic way. Amy is in love with Sonic and tries to do anything in order to make Sonic fall in love with her. In the anciently 1992 Shogakukan manga, Nicky (Sonic's alter ego) is dating a brown hedgehog called Eimi (an inappropriate version of Amy Rose). Eimi also has feelings for Sonic and both Nicky and Eimi are unaware of the fact that Sonic is in for sure Nicky. Their relationship is similar to the games but there are also scenes where Sonic might return the feelings. At one point, Sonic and Amy start dating but their relationship doesn't last long and it turns back into the one-sided relationship it used to be. Meet Jordan and Chase, they met on my show about a year ago, with a dating game called Radio Tinder. We ask these strangers a couple questions, find out if they’re right for each other, and at the end of the call, if they want, they can exchange numbers and go on a date. Basically, with Radio Tinder, I get listeners to text in mini bios with regard to themselves, and we match them up with other total strangers ON the radio. Here’s Jordan and Chase’s FIRST TIME ever talking, and the story of how they met on air. 😛 If YOU want to give Radio Tinder a shot, sign up NOW HERE and maybe I’ll help YOU find your soulmate too!!! Well, they phoned in with a huge announcement today…. and we caught up with them to find out how it all went down!!!

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Well shadow can be found in a couple places, but the only sex scene is in the alley around... You have to specifically miss out on an emerald and then one day you'll see something in the alley when ambling on the streets. Shadow or rouge will show up and offer the emerald or sex for cash. I found Shadow, but I was going for the good ending, picked up the emerald, and then screwed up the final answer. But in the end, I cheated and got there, but it wasn't very gratifying. Agreeing whit akorererez Does any one have the game whit the save option? Also sorry if this is not right,old thread or brakes the rules, But here's another funny sonic flash game called babysitting mayo On this free furry site you can play it and download it You are sonic and vanilla leaves you in charge of cream for a few days. the thing is that you need to make friends with her to be able to do her. Sadly is not completed yet, so many options are not available I haven't indeed looked at the site yet but I noticed some of you would have liked to download this... well here is a simple way to keep in mind if the media source is not protected or masked through code. Opera: Right click, Source and crtrl F for ".swf" - you should find the game file. Say if the source is /flash/[and the domain is] then the link to download (you paste it into the transfers tab as a quick download) would be retrieval in terms of the source code can be done in any browser on a computer and you can also retrieve links via the "Media" option of Fire Fox. Got a story that involves Sonic/Amy, Tails/Cream, Knuckles/Rouge, Silver/Blaze, or Jet/Wave, or a number of these? Sonic couples dating game verkoping online dating Fireside. Jams. Browse Games. Devlogs. More. Words. Others. Free Online Games. Winter Couple Dating. Mario Save Sonic Angry Mushrooms Super Transformer Wars Super 3D Racing Kingdom Rush 2 King Of Fighters Adventure Pet Party. Home Community Games Sonic the Hedgehog The 5 Main Sonic Couples. Fiction Rating All ? Ratings Guide Rated K - T Rated K - K+ Rated K Rated K+ Rated T Rated M. Sort Archive Date Update Date Publish Date Reviews Favorites Follows. I hate to break it to ya....this is not the finished version.

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