Foliartal N24 (Vasto 24)


Nitrogen Solution Fertilizer with Trace elements


FOLIARTAL N24 is a liquid fertilizer rich in Nitrogen with trace elements, recommended as a complement to basal dressing and in fertigation, indicated in the prevention and control of deficiencies or imbalances in the assimilation of nitrogen.

It favors the vegetative development and as it contains Nitrogen in 3 different forms, the supply, as well fast (Nitric) as prolonged (Ammoniacal and Ureic) is guaranteed.

Its use is recommended in those moments when the crop needs more quantity of nitrogen, such as stages of active growth.

Guaranted Concentrations
Total Nitrogen (N)  24.0% w/w
Ureic Nitrogen  12.0% w/w
Ammoniacal Nitrogen  6.0% w/w
Nitric Nitrogen  6.0% w/w
Contains also ≤0.1% w/w Boron (B); Cupper (Cu); Manganese (Mn); Molybdenum (Mo) and Zinc (Zn)
Soluble Liquide (L.S.)

Important note: The guaranteed contents shown here comply with European and/or Spanish legislation. They are/or could be modified totally or partially in order to follow country rules in differents continents.

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