Foliartal L-24

Foliar Calcium and Borum

Special post-harvest

FOLIARTAL L-24 is a liquid foliar fertilizer of fast absorption and assimilation by the crop. Rich in Calcium and Boron, it is especially developed as a source of these elements. Its application improves the quality of the fruits and avoids the appearance of nutritional imbalances caused by calcium deficiency.

Guaranteed Concentrations
Calcium (CaO)  18.20% w/w =   24.75% w/v
Boron (B)  0.14% w/w =   0.19% w/v
Soluble Liquid (L.S.)

Important note: The guaranteed contents shown here comply with European and/or Spanish legislation. They are/or could be modified totally or partially in order to follow country rules in differents continents.

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