Foliartal 17-7-6 +T.E.


Foliar fertilizer NPK with Trace Elements

FOLIARTAL 17-7-6 +T.E. is a liquid NPK foliar fertilizer, of fast absorption and assimilation by the crop. Rich in Nitrogen and with trace elements, it is specially designed for foliar application as a source of the elements present on its formula.

Its application greatly improves vegetation treated crops in the early stages, favoring sprouting and providing the necessary elements during periods of active growth of the crop.

Guaranteed Concentrations
Total Nitrogen (N)  14.00% w/w =   17.0% w/v
Nitric Nitrogen 1.30% w/w =   1.6% w/v
Ureic Nitrogen 12.7% w/w =   15.5% w/v
Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5) water-soluble 6.0% w/w =   7.3% w/v
Potassium Oxide (K2O) water soluble 5.0% w/w =   6.1% w/v
Contains also ≤ 0.1% w/w Boron (B); Copper (Cu); Iron (Fe); Manganese (Mn); Molybdenum (Mo) and Zinc (Zn)
Soluble Liquid (L.S.)  Chelating agent: HEEDTA

Note: Trace oelements as HEEDTA chelates, except for boron and molybdenum, which are in inorganic form.
Important note: The guaranteed contents shown here comply with European and/or Spanish legislation. They are/or could be modified totally or partially in order to follow country rules in differents continents.

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