Artal Olive



ARTAL Olive is a foliar fertilizer with a balanced formula with Nitrogen, Iron and Magnesium.

It is fastly absorbed by the crop, providing a correct balance of these three elements that, on theone hand, act as catalysts in respiratory reactions and, on the other hand, are involved in photosynthesis and various enzymatic reactions, among other processes.

The application of ARTAL Olive significantly improves vegetation of the treated crop, being particularly developed to be applied on olive-trees.

Guaranteed contents
Total Nitrogen (N) 15.00% w/w = 19.5% w/v
Nitric Nitrogen 2.50 % w/w = 3.25 %  w/v
Ureic Nitrogen 12.5% w/w = 16.2% w/v
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) water-soluble 3.50% w/w = 4.55% w/v
Iron (Fe) water-soluble 1.0% w/w = 1.3% w/v
Soluble Liquid (L.S.)


Important note: The guaranteed contents shown here comply with European and/or Spanish legislation. They are/or could be modified totally or partially in order to follow country rules in differents continents.

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