Root development biostimulant

“Booster effect”

ENRAIZAL is a biostimulant that contains purine base-derivatives, amino acids, NPK and microelements.

ENRAIZAL increases the nutrient-absorbing surface due to its stimulation on the lateral roots, which increases the number of mycorrhizes and root hairs => BOOSTER EFFECT

Its application is recommended after transplantation or when it is appropriate to encourage rooting and nutrient absorption in all crops.

Guaranteed Concentrations
Free amino acids  4.20% w/w =   4.83% w/v
Total Nitrogen (N)  6.00% w/w =   6.90% w/v
Phosphorus (P205)  2.00% w/w =   2.30% w/v
Potassium (K20)  4.00% w/w =   4.60% w/v
Contains also ≤0.1% w/w Boron (B); Manganese (Mn) and Zinc (Zn)
Soluble Liquid (L.S.)
Important note: The guaranteed contents shown here comply with European and/or Spanish legislation. They are/or could be modified totally or partially in order to follow country rules in differents continents.

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Available field trial:

“Roots development on tomato crop”

Enraizal EN