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Super SetSuper Set, floración y cuajado de frutos

Flowering & Fruit setting inducer: Super Set

Super Set is a liquid natural inducer , hormone-free  and composed by Phosphorus, Potassium, Molybdenum, Boron and an exclusive tri-monomeric combination. The combination of all its elements has a key role in the stimulation and strengthening of flowering and fruit setting. Super set, natural inducer of flowering & fruit setting (pdf) Request full report to […]

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DULZEE fertilizer on white grapes

Ripening biostimulant: DULZEE

DULZEE is a biostimulant made from polysaccharides enriched with Calcium, Magnesium and trace elements, besides uronic acids that favour product absorption by the plant. The combination of all its elements has a stimulant effect on the crop, increasing the homogeneity, colour and consistency of the fruit. This product favours sugar synthesis which increases sugar present […]

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Marine algae Ascophyllum nodosum

Seaweed extracts: ALGATON

Seaweed extracts in agriculture are high quality biofertilizing productos with plenty of benefits for the crop. Most common seaweed from which these extracts come is a typical seaweed of the Atlantic Ocean. The application of liquid fertilizers made of this seaweed extract ensures a stimulated vegetative growth and an improvement of the self-defense system of […]

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Microponic on peaches

Mix of chelated microelements: MICROPONIC

MICROPONIC is a microelements complex with a balanced formula. It keeps a correct nutritional state in the crop, which avoids nutrient imbalances or corrects microelements deficiencies. Due to its acid reaction, and thanks to its chelating agent HEDTA, MICROPONIC is quickly absorbed and assimilated by the plant. MICROPONIC is recommended to provide a proper nutritional […]

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Vegeamino - Aminoacidos vegetales

Vegetal amino acids: VEGEAMINO

VEGEAMINO is a bioactivator with a high concentration of free vegetal amino acids obtained by hydrolysis. In this technical report it is reviewed how the application of this product in the crop will activate metabolism and hormonal processes in plants. The elements contained in VEGEAMINO will accelerate vegetative growth and improve their recovery against stress […]

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Complexes & Chelates ARTAL

Complexes and Chelates

Various chemical elements, known as nutrients, do play a key role in crops growth and viability. These nutrients must be supplied to the crop in quantities enough to keep its health. Nutrients can be supplied as inorganic forms, as complexes or as chelates. Both of the last forms are nutrients “kidnapped” by some molecules (or […]

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ENRAIZAL improves root development

Root development and mycorrhization: ENRAIZAL

ENRAIZAL is a liquid biostimulant made out of amino acids enriched with NPK, Boron, Manganese and Zinc, as well as organic matter, vitamins and purine and pyrimidine bases which grant its biostimulant activity. This product promotes rooting of the plants. Rooting is a process that improves the quantity of roots and radicular hairs (protuberances on […]

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Foliar fertilizers

Foliar fertilizers: In-depth analysis of their components and usage

Technical report where foliar NPK fertilizers and their uses, applications and benefits from its application in crops are covered in depth. Each of the major elements (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) has been analyzed carefully and individually, their function in the plants as well as their deficiency symptomatology. Within this document is a summary of the […]

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