Trip to Thailand

Thep Group & Artal

ARTAL Agrinutrients traveled to Thailand past September to meet its distributor, Thep Group, and start planning next season. Khun Pongthep Fongsmut, general manager of the Thai company, was able to see firsthand the products developed this year by ARTAL Agrinutrients, new formulas focused on the optimization of the crops in terms of quality, yield and profitability.

Thailand was the first country in the Far East where the Spanish fertilizers were introduced. Artal started exporting to South Korea in 2013 and since this year he also has a presence in Vietnam.

Agriculture in Thailand is highly competitive, diversified and specialized. It is the main exporter of rice and the world’s leading pineapple producer. It also stands out for the orchid, tapioca, rubber, cereals and sugar crops.

FOSFITAL Extra is the most demanded product of the Spanish company in Thailand, a biostimulant that acts as a source of phosphorus and potassium and as an inducer of plant self-defense mechanisms against pathogenic fungi. FOLIARTAL K50, liquid foliar fertilizer rich in potassium, has also had a good acceptance among the Asian

In addition, as a result of this visit, they have shown a lot of interest in SUPER Set, in PINOPHYTAL and a in a new product specially developed for rice cultivation which we will talk about soon.

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