ARTAL Agrinutrients presents new products at Fruit Attraction

 Super Set en el Foro Innova

ARTAL Agrinutrients exhibited at Fruit Attraction ninth edition, an international trade fair for the fruit and vegetables sector, which took place in Madrid from October 18th to 20th . With more than 68,000 professional visitors, almost a third of them coming from abroad (110 countries), and 1,500 exhibitors from 34 countries, this event is confirmed as one of the main international events in the fruit and vegetables sector.

For the third consecutive year, the company presented its latest news at IFEMA, including Flowal CaB, a calcium and boron corrector with gluconic and ethanolamine, which improves quality and consistency of fruits; Mobile K, an organic potassium of high mobility and rapid absorption that advances fattening, coloring and ripening of fruits; and ArtalMax Fruit, a last generation potassium that increases caliber and size of fruits and vegetables, also increasing the sugars content, and all of them hormones-free.

In addition, Sandra Fresquet, from the R+D+I Department of ARTAL Agrinutrients, made a presentation, in the frame of Fruit Attraction Innova Forum, about one of the company’s major bets for the coming years: Super Set, a natural flowering and fruit setting inducer, hormones-free. Fresquet explained a field trial carried out by Phytest in an orange trees plot in Coria del Río (Seville), whose result is a 35% increase in the average of fruits set per shoot.

The presentation was very well received by the attendees, some of whom were national and international clients and distributors of ARTAL Agrinutrients.

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