New representative for southern Spain and Latin America

Julio F. Vazquez

Julio F. Vázquez has joined ARTAL Agrinutrients as its new representative for southern Spain and Latin America. The aim of this new incorporation is to improve the presence of Artal products in a strategic region of the national market and also to strengthen the process of internationalization in a key region for its exports.

Julio F. Vázquez has more than twenty years’ experience in the commercial area, ten of which were in a French multinational and twelve in a Spanish company dedicated to the sale of fertilizers in southern Spain and Latin America, regions that he knows in depth and that are focus of his activity for ARTAL Agrinutrients.

Among the reasons that encouraged him to join the Spanish company, Vázquez emphasizes its commitment to “stimulant products, inducers and correctors with new formulas less contaminating, more respectful with the natural environment and healthy for consumers.” On the other hand, Artal Agrinutrients valued Vázquez grounding and professional trajectory, as well as the knowledge of the markets to which he is directed. The company continues its international expansion while consolidating its position in Spain, in the area that has become the main destination of its products, along with the Valencian Community and Murcia.

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