ARTAL Agrinutrients expects to grow in Eastern Europe

Artal visits Agro Kiev

ARTAL Agrinutrients visited the twenty-ninth edition of AGRO, the most important agricultural event in Ukraine and the largest in Eastern Europe, from June 7 to 10. The main reason for the visit was to learn first-hand the tendencies of the Ukrainian agricultural market, a strategic target for the Spanish company.

ARTAL Agrinutrients wants to grow in Eastern Europe, where it is already exporting to Poland since last year thanks to an agreement with local company Agriker Wieslaw Dubiela Sp.j, its exclusive distributor. He has also recently traveled to Romania, another of the Central European countries where he plans to start exporting.

With a 12% of national GDP, the agricultural sector is a pillar of the Ukrainian economy. It has one of the largest agricultural and high-quality areas on the continent, is one of the world’s largest producers of wheat, maize and cotton, and has become the main grain supplier among European countries. In addition, its agriculture is immersed in an ambitious process of modernization, to which ARTAL Agrinutrients products could contribute for its high added value.

After analyzing the Ukrainian agricultural market, the company most adequate products to enter are Reductal, which allows to lower the pH of both water and soil, improving its structure, favoring the unblocking and assimilation of the absorbed nutrients, Vegeamino, high concentration vegetal free amino acids and Artal Grain, special foliar fertilizer for extensive crops with amino acids and trace elements.

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