Artal travels to Colombia

Artal in Colombia 2017

ARTAL Agrinutrients traveled to Colombia in February to meet with producers interested in importing the fertilizers produced by the Spanish company. In Bogotá, the capital of the South American country, Artal visited the largest national association of rice growers as well as an important distributor specialized in the integrated plant nutrition present throughout the national territory.

ARTAL Agrinutrients plans to expand its presence in South America in the coming years. This was the target for the trips to Peru in 2016 and previously to Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador, where Artal has been exporting since 2010.

Agriculture in Colombia is characterized by technified monocultures by region of sugarcane, coffee, flowers, cotton, banana, banana, sorghum, maize, rice, African palm, potato and cassava mainly. It is a sector with a solid growth in the country: while the Colombian economy as a whole grew during the first quarter of 2017 by 1.1%, agriculture did in the same period by 7.7%.

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